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Is Your Body Holding You Back From Greatness?


Today I wanted to talk to you about self body image and how it may be holding you back from greatness.

Let’s face it, low self-body image is usually the main reason most of us start a fitness program in the first place. I know it was my main reason.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, we tend to measure our self worth by how attractive we feel we are to others and often we find ourselves lacking.

To make matters worse, we often confuse self -image with self -esteem as if they are the same thing.

They are far from the same.

Our self-body image relies on what we think others opinions are of us. Sure it’s nice to get compliments on how we look but don’t let that be your source for self-esteem.

It may feel good for a short while, but then we need to hear more and more compliments to continue feeling good about ourselves. That gives other people in control over our happiness.

Self-esteem on the other hand is where depends soley on what we think about ourselves. It’s internal.

No one can build our self-esteem by telling us nice things to make us feel good about ourselves.

Self-esteem comes from within.

It’s not just mental. It’s also physical.

Self-esteem is a combination of your psychological, physical and hormonal balance.

When you exercise and get your heart pumping, it produces feel good hormones and along with weight loss, more oxygen, physical strength and nice muscle tone so you look and feel good about yourself.

True self-esteem comes from trying and doing things that are challenging We feel a sense of competence in meaningful accomplishments, overcoming adversities.

That’s where strength training comes in and why I love workouts that push me to the edge of my physical limitations.

They’re tough. They’re challenging.

Some days we kick their ass and others they they kick ours. It doesn’t matter.

The awesome thing is we get to feel good about ourselves just from putting forth our best effort.

That’s the secret to feeling good about yourself. You just need to make yourself proud.

And you do that by working your ass off.

Accomplishments aren’t going to just to be handed to us. They must be earned through sweat and effort.

Nor is it just the end result that we get from working out hard and eating right that makes us happy.

It’s the STRIVING to be greater than who we are today that increases our self-esteem.

It’s pushing past your perceived physical capabilities and testing your mental fortitude that builds unbelievable inner strength that will bleed into every other aspect of your life.

It instills in you the confidence that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do.

So instead of focusing on just a simple weight loss goal, focus on the bigger picture your fitness journey will take you.

Beyond even your health goals.

Because living fully goes is so much more that just how you look. It’s also living a life of abundance, vitality and strength.

I’m hoping that this post will give you even greater reason to continue challenging yourself through some pretty tough workouts.

And not only will you have an amazing body to look forward to but more importantly, an amazing life!



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