Think it's impossible to get a killer toned body if you're over 35 or have kids? 

"Give Me Just 20 Minutes a Day And I'll Show You How To Get a  Lean Toned Body So Fast, You'll Be Kicking Yourself For Not Knowing About These Methods Sooner. "

mikebogboy1By Mike Strobel, C.P.T
Home Fitness Expert/Life Coach

If your anything like most people, I'll bet you've been following the same traditional fitness advice for years.

You do resistance training a few times a week followed by 30 mins of cardio.

And I'm guessing, you probably throw in a couple longer cardio days on top of that.

But despite all that training, I'll bet your body has barely changed at all -if any.

And if I'm a good judge of character, I'll bet you're pretty damned frustrated and confused.

What if I told you, I discovered a unique training method for losing fat and getting an amazingly toned sexy body that blows traditional training methods out of the water?

BEST OF ALL these workouts take less than 30 minutes a day.

And not only have these unconventional workout methods worked for me, my wife, and my family but also thousands of people all over the globe.

The Dirty Little Secret of The Fitness Industry..


The fitness industry is a is a billion dollar industry. Do you think they really care if their latest gadget works or not?

Of course not. They want you looking for the next best solution. They don’t want you to know the truth.

But the truth is this.. Fat loss is simple.

You don’t need fancy equipment, weird gadgets, ‘fat burners’ or gym memberships.

It’s all just a ploy to get their hands in your pocket.

The BodyMax 212°F program will show you how you can get an incredibly fit body with just some inexpensive dumbbells.

Because the key to an amazing-looking body is actually much simpler than you might think.

Notice I didn't say easy. Because you have to be willing to put in the effort for 90 mins a week.

Think about it. That's less than 2 hours of your time per week!

I know this sounds too good to be true but the fact is that when you work out TOO MUCH, your efforts can backfire on you making you fatter and age you faster[16].

But hey, it's only human nature to think that if a little of something is good then more of it must be better, right?


Like many things in life, fat loss is completely counter-intuitive. Fat loss is not the simple math equation that we've all been told.

MORE Exercise = More Calories Burned = Fat Loss

What most diet experts fail to tell us is that how your body reacts to food and exercise is largely hormonal[17].

The MORE you exercise, the More your body becomes stressed creating a bad hormonal environment which can block all your fat loss efforts.

It has been my personal experience, along with many other PROFESSIONALS that by doing LESS exercise, you will get far better results.

So instead of killing yourself trying to figure out how much exercise your body can tolerate, why not try to figure out how little your body actually requires?

Applying the Minimum Effective Dose

boiling-water-630x472The minimum effective dose is the smallest amount necessary that will bring about the desired change in our bodies.

For example, to boil water, the minimum effective dose is 212°F. Anything beyond 212°F just uses more energy and no more gain can be expected.

In fact, once you exceed the M.E.D., you experience what's called the law of diminishing returns - that's where the effectiveness of your workout efforts begins to decline sharply[19].

It's like working overtime for half your regular pay. And who's dumb enough to do that?

Yet that’s how millions of people exercise everyday.

Would it surprise you to learn that The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the most prominent organization in exercise science, typically recommended only one single set of 8-12 repetitions for much of its history before the use of steroids became rampant?[19b]

Plus all that training causes your body to stop producing HGH – the hormone that is known as the fountain of youth [18].

When you train right your body start pumping a bunch of HGH into your body, the hormone that restores energy and health to your body while also increasing your metabolism for fast, fat loss[20].

Bottom line, if you train wrong even if you get everything else right, your body will not allow you to lose fat.

But when you train the way our bodies are meant to be trained-your body will release a surge of hormones that effectively burn fat to be used as fuel[20].

To do that you want to exercise for very short periods of time using specific exercises at just the right level of intensity. It really is the perfect prescription for building toned sexy muscle while torching ugly body fat.

Because I can’t emphasize enough – your hormones are what makes or breaks your fat loss efforts.

When you learn how to balance them with the right exercise and nutrition, you will burn fat faster then you ever thought possible[21].

How Can One Program Build Muscle AND Burn fat?

Screen-shot-2013-07-29-at-6.43.59-AM-e1379942647825 BODYMAX 212°F is unique because each D.I.R.T.(y)TM workout is comprised of our Max-Tension and Max-Metabolic workouts that you simply won't find any else.

Max-Tension The first circuit of every BODYMAX 212°F routine is dedicated to our Max-Tension exercise.

This is where we focus on building the underlying shape and fullness of the muscle giving you the desired definition and contours in all the right places.

We do this by manipulating the amount of time the muscles spend under tension.

By doing this we incorporate a higher number of muscle fibers and activate more type 2 fibers resulting in fewer sets required to produce the same results.

Most people are taught to use a lesser weight spread it out over multiple sets and then they proceed to quickly run through the exercises.

They make the mistake of assuming that multiple easy efforts can equal one hard effort.

In doing so they completely ignore the time under tension factor (TUT). Time under tensions refers to how long your muscles are under stress.

The more time you spend contracting, stressing and working the muscle the more micro-tears you are going to create in the muscle.

It’ s these tiny tears that stimulate repair, new tissue production through the release of HGH and ultimately: growth[22].

Max-Metabolic The second part of every workout routine is focused on metabolic resistance training designed to burn fat and give overall definition to the specific muscles being worked in that training.

That means you will be working the cardio vascular system and getting the fat-burning and heart-healthy benefits of intense cardio along with the muscle-toning and shaping properties of a resistance training workout.

Because you will be doing this part of the training with little to no rest in between exercises, you will be forcing your body into what’s called an ‘oxygen debt’.

This is also known as the AFTERBURN effect.

The Afterburn Effect or epoch as its called, is a measure of the energy that is needed in order to return your body to its normal resting state after a workout and has been shown to burn MORE calories up to 36 post workout[23].

Hence, the HIGHER the intensity, the longer it takes for your body to reach its normal resting state, the more calories you burn.

Plus the BODYMAX 212°F program is based on the progressive overload principle which prevents your body from adapting and what most other popular programs seem to ignore.

That's why you stop getting results with other programs within a few weeks shortly of starting.

How Does This Program Work For Both Men And Women?


Despite what you might think, men & women’s body operate in the same manner with the exception that men have more testosterone.

Women who are afraid of working out too hard for fear of getting ‘bulky” are really missing out on so many fat loss & youth enhancing benefits.

Ironically, the fear is what holds them back from getting the body they desire.

Look at my wife Grace’s before & after photo.

Does she look too ‘muscley’ or “bulky”?


Now look at my before and after photo’s.

The same exact workout program produced these drastically different results.

But how?

Why do I look lean and muscular and Grace looks so toned and defined?

Because BodyMax 212F works with your individual genetic code, so unless you are using dangerous steroids, you don’t have to worry about looking ‘bulky’ or unnatural.

When you step away from the bodybuilding mentality and begin working out in a way that enhances TRUE fitness, your body will begin to LOOK athletic and defined.

Now IMAGINE what your body could look like after only 8 weeks on The BodyMax 212°F Program

Without starving yourself. Without spending hours at the gym.

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a perfectly sculpted body that turns heads wherever you go.

Hearing your friends say ‘What the hell have you been doing! You look AMAZING!’

Those are some of excited e-mails that that hit my inbox everyday with success stories from people of all different ages, backgrounds and situations.

Listen to what some of them had to say..

I used the program to lose 26 pounds. I can’t believe how easy it was once I trusted in the process and just stuck with it. It’s true that when you transform your body, your whole life transforms. Thanks Mike!

Bob Johnson, 44

‘Your program has literally changed my life. I lost 2 pants sizes in 6 weeks and am loving life!’ I was in the same situation as you with limited time, but If I can do it with 2 kids and a full time job, anyone can.

Kelly Weimert, 41

I was only working out about 20-28 mins in the mornings because that’s all the time I had. But it seemed like every week I was seeing results-even the small ones kept me really motivated! I love this whole program!

Susan Rafferty, 37

I’m still in shock at how fast my body changed after doing Bodymax. I never believed you could get in this kind of shape working out 20 to 25 mins a day. I will never look at working out the same after this.

Troy Delaney, 34

By now, I’m sure you want to know exactly what’s included in this program.

After years of uncovering lies and spending thousands of dollars of my own money to discover the truth, I’ve finally put my SIMPLE fat loss secrets into a full program designed for quick fat loss from home.

This system walks you through the simple yet VERY important phases of fat loss. You’ll get a step by step outline of exactly what what exercises you need to be doing, how and when to train as well as what you need to be eating, when and how much of the nutrients you need.

You’ll incorporate advanced fat loss techniques to keep you losing fat and never hitting a plateau. There’s also complete recommended food list with the important nutrients to keep track of daily.

I’ve Put Everything You Need To Get Started Into One Step-By-Step Blueprint You Can Follow From Day One


Component #1: Real Time Follow Along Videos ($97 Value)

bodymaxvid-300x226Hands down, the most powerful part of this program is the workout video series. It consists of 8 video containing a total of 46 precisely designed exercises.

Each video consists of my unique 20-25-minute D.I.R.T.(y)TM  workout consisting of Max Metabolic and Max Muscle that target a different body part each time.

These exercises will build muscle while stripping away layers of UGLY bodyfat.

Component #2: The Workout Manual ($27 Value)


This is the step-by-step “blueprints” manual that outlines everything you must know in terms of selecting the right weight, sets, reps, rest periods, and how to apply the 2.5 Pound Solution every week.

To make sure every single movement and workout is clear right from the start, I’ve put every detail into a fast-downloading PDF manual that works on any home computer (and you can easily print it out to have at your fingertips).

This manual takes you by the hand and walks you through all of the simple steps that will totally transform your body in less than an 2 hours a week.

Component #3: Comprehensive Instructional Videos ($67 Value)


To make sure every single movement and workout is clear right from the start, I’m including comprehensive instructional videos covering all 46 exercises in the BodyMax 212 program including modifications for beginners.

These videos are like having a private one-on-one training session with me in your home.

Component #4: The Nutrition Manual ($47 Value)


Discover how you can blast fat, build muscle and improve your health by controlling your hormones and utilizing the power of REAL food.

The guide teaches you exactly what to eat, when to eat it, how to change it and healthy food substitutes to keep your metabolism revved in high gear.

The information in this guide alone is extremely valuable and will help you lose fat faster than you’ve ever experienced in the past.


Component #5: Progress Tracker Forms ($37 Value)


What gets measured gets managed. Stop guessing.

To make this easy, I’ve outlined all 46 exercise on individual workout sheets so you can record your progress and keep yourself accountable.

These forms will allow you to see your progress from week to week which will keep you motivated to keep pushing yourself.



Bonus #1: Whole Food Protein Smoothie Recipes ($29 Value)



Whole food protein smoothies make AMAZING meal replacements, keeping your energy levels high while flooding your body with healthy nutrients.

Enjoy 20 of my favorite recipes specifically designed to be super nutritious as well incredibly delicious.



Bonus #2: Supplement Guide ($38 Value)



Getting in the proper nutrition can help you recover faster so you can train harder while having tons of energy.

The best news is that you don’t need a crazy budget to afford the basics and I will show you how.


What’s The Body You’ve Wanted Forever Worth To You?

You could always train with a trainer for 8 weeks. The average trainer charges about $75.00/hr. For 8 weeks it would run you about $1,800.00.

Or you could always join a gym and pay $400.00 per year and do exactly what everyone else is doing. The problem is…95% of people at the gym have no clue what their doing.

You could always just stick to more fitness magazines. The ones that have been rehashing the same crap that hasn’t worked in the past 30 years and before you know it you’ve spent $90.00 on magazines and are still in the same spot!

Or you can spend less than $.85 cents a day for the next 8 weeks to finally get the body of your dreams!

After seeing everything that’s included in BodyMax 212°F, I’m sure you know this entire workout package in video format is worth more than $147.00 and even if it was it would be a heck of a deal.

But I’m not going to charge $147.00 even though this is truly an incredible VALUE. You won’t find anything on the market like it.

Your total investment today – for the entire BodyMax 212°F program with all 6 components is NOW…

Only 1 low payment of $47…

Just click the big orange ‘Add To Cart’ button to go straight to the quick-start checkout page, and you’ll get instant online access to everything I’ve told you about on the other side.

So there’s no waiting and there’s zero risk, because you’re totally covered for a full 60 days by my 100% no-questions-asked refund guarantee.

Just like the program itself, my guarantee to you is simple:

From your first day, your experience with BodyMax 212°F must live up to your highest expectations and deliver the transformation you desire and deserve, and if you’re anything less than completely thrilled, all you have to do is tell me so and I’ll immediately return every penny you paid.

I will only keep your money if it comes with your success story. Otherwise, I insist you take it back.

Listen, getting a lean, defined, athletic body is not easy. If it were, everyone would have fitness model bodies! So, if you’re looking for an easy no work type of fitness program, this is not for you.

The thing I need to stress is this: the BodyMax 212°F is not an “overnight solution.” It’s a solution that is scientific & strategic and progressive & precise.

Nothing like this has ever been offered – anywhere, by anyone – until today! The BodyMax 212°F is dedicated to burning the fat with Max-Tension and our Max-Metabolic workouts so you can blast off the fat so you can reveal killer definition in conjunction with targeted muscle work so men can get lean & ripped and women can get toned & sculpted by adding calorie-burning muscle — all at the same time! That’s unheard of.

But the reality is that once you stop detouring your progress with long boring workouts that lack intensity, you’ll stop spending years trying to achieve what a 2 short-months will bring with the BodyMax 212°F program.

However, let’s be perfectly clear, don’t kid yourself one bit, this program requires you to work, and if you’re not committed to improving your body, mind and LIFE – for only 8 brief weeks — then do not invest in this system.

But if you have a desire to take your body, mind and life to the next level and don’t have a problem getting out of your comfort zone, the BodyMax 212°F could very well be your go-to workout for the rest of your LIFE!

Got Questions? I Have Answers.

Q: What is BodyMax 212°F and why is it so effective?

A: Yes! BODYMAX 212°F is appropriate for literally anyone from complete ‘newbie’ to advanced athlete, because this program is built on progression. It’s not where you start but where you end up. In the instructional videos I show you exactly how to modify each exercise to your fitness level.

For example, if you can’t do a pushup, you can make it easier by doing it on your knees, or you can make it harder and harder by adding a plyometric movement. That means you can start right away at your own pace.

Q: Do need a lot of equipment or have to go the gym?

A: No. This program like all my programs was designed to be done anywhere with minimal equipment.It does not require any of the large workout machines you find in gyms which is actually beneficial because it eliminates a lot of the non-essential workout movements that are very inefficient.


Q: I’m totally out of shape. Is this program for me?

While I will say that the program is not “easy” in nature, I show you how you can modify any exercise, volume or intensity to adjust to your starting level. I provide ranges of sets and reps to shoot for so everything is relative to your fitness level .

BODYMAX 212°F automatically adapts as you improve, you’ll never have to worry about jumping from workout to workout, or hitting frustrating ‘plateaus.

Q: Is this appropriate for people over 40?

A: Absolutely. Remember I got started in my 40′s. We have BodyMaxers all over the globe getting great results and a ‘new bill of health’ in their 50s and 60s! That being said, of course you should check with your doctor prior to using our techniques.

Q: Is this appropriate for beginners?

A: Yes! BODYMAX 212°F is appropriate for literally anyone from complete ‘newbie’ to advanced athlete, because this program is built on progression. It’s not where you start but where you end up. In the instructional videos I show you exactly how to modify each exercise to your fitness level.

For example, if you can’t do a pushup, you can make it easier by doing it on your knees, or you can make it harder and harder by adding a plyometric movement. That means you can start right away at your own pace.

Q: What if BODYMAX 212°F doesn’t work for me?

A: Then it’s ALL FREE.

If you follow the BODYMAX 212°F program exactly as outlined in the ONLINE VIDEOS, and do NOT lose more fat in the next 60 days than you ever have previously, just contact my customer support team and we’ll refund every last penny.

Like I said, I’m so confident you’ll be thrilled with the BODYMAX 212°F program and that it will become your ‘go to’ style of workouts that you wouldn’t want to part with your copy for any price. However, if it falls short of your best expectations for any reason, then you get back every penny you paid, no questions asked.

To Your Health & Fitness,

Mike Strobel
Home Fitness Expert

P.S. Remember, you’re getting instant online access to everything today, with no waiting and no shipping costs, all for just ONE payment of $47 today. All the bonuses are yours to keep no matter what, and I’m taking ALL the risk because?

P.P.S. There is absolutely no way that you can lose, except by not letting the BODYMAX 212°F Program work for you. I’m giving you a 60 day risk-free guarantee to test the program and to see what countless other people have already discovered to be the most effective and no-nonsense workout program period.

P.P.P.S. Why are you still reading this? Don’t waist anymore time down reading another P.S. Get started today!